Our Mission

The main mission of the school is to ensure the joint efforts of the teachers and parents work for the benefit of students. It has been proven that with family support the academic achievement of children grows more easily and their positive self-esteem develops quicker.

Our Curriculums are designed by the staff members of our school and aim to develop and nurture intelligent, bright and caring students who know and love the Russian language, Russian culture and its contribution to and understanding of the history of the world. We offer these programs for both children and their parents. Each week the students’ homework is sent by e-mail to their parents. Every parent chooses for themselves whether or not to follow the recommendations of our teachers. The progress of our children is regularly monitored by teachers throughout the school year. Children, who regularly do their homework with the help of their parents, complete the school year with excellent results.

At school we respect the diverse cultural, ethnic, age, language, religion of our students and their parents.