About us

Russian Sunday School “LIDER” – is a community non-for-profit organisation which provides education to children from Russian-speaking families. Our students are children born to families who arrived in Australia from the former Soviet Union and Israel.

The school children are aged between 4 to 15 years. They come from various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds and are united through the Russian language, culture and history; Russia being their ancestors’ homeland.

The school is conducted by the Lider School Board in close ties with various Russian community organisations to enable the development and maintenance of our community, language, heritage, history, traditions and culture. The majority of the school students’ parents and grandparents are members of these organisations. This provides students with a real feeling of belonging and a healthy environment. Various outside curriculum activities, including lessons in tradition, history and culture, music and drama facilitate students’ participation in community activities.

What distinguishes the LIDER School from other Russian schools in Melbourne?

In the LIDER school, children learn the Russian language not only in language and literature lessons, but also in other subjects offered at the school. Mathematics, history, art, drama and basic study of nature are taught in Russian.

There are 8 different studios operating at the school during the lunch break and after school hours, where children can develop their interests and talents. There is a clay modelling studio and drawing and dancing sections. In addition there are 3 chess studios for children with different levels of skill at playing chess. Children attend the studios with great pleasure, because the subjects taught in Russian and the teachers are highly motivated and professional. The Hebrew studio was opened recently upon the parents’ request for the families who want to maintain and develop the Hebrew language and vocabulary of their children – the language of the modern State of Israel.

The also school holds regular extracurricular activities – concerts, festivals and tours that focus on the introduction and celebration of major events of the three cultures: Russian, Jewish and Australian. Our goal is to ensure that the graduates of our schools have been able to incorporate elements of three cultures: Russian, Australian and Jewish and pass it on to their children.

Another feature that distinguishes our school from other Russian-language schools in Melbourne is that LIDER School is democratic. Parents are involved in school management processes. We respect all the parents and listen to their opinions. We are conduct a survey at the end of each school year and, based on the views of parents, the school makes plans for the next academic year.