The school curriculum is focused on the study of Russian, Australian and Jewish culture through communication in Russian. Our plans are drawn up in accordance with the age and needs of children are aimed at their harmonious adaptation in our multicultural society.

Our school is an important component of language learning in the state of Victoria, complementing the study of languages in Australian secondary schools and language centres. School curricula are based on modern, developed for secondary schools Victoria techniques.

Language is the main focus point in each year level. Currently Russian is offered in LIDER School at primary and secondary level. This weekend education provides language studies to over 150 students from Victorian primary and secondary schools. The school has an excellent language program and a great collection of the latest resources published both in Russia and other countries specially designed for students who are learning Russian as a foreign language. All subjects taught in school are taught in Russian.

All of our teachers have tertiary pedagogical qualifications from overseas and Australia and we encourage them to undertake credit-bearing tertiary training programs, including professional development activities and accredited LOTE methodology courses organised by Department of Education.

The Main Subjects taught in the Lider School
  • Russian language
  • Russian literature
  • Mathematics
  • History with elements of geography
  • Visual Arts
  • Drama
  • Science

In the Pre School – speech development and Basic study of nature